8th OIC Halal Expo 2021



Would you like to get to know recent trends and discover new products? Or would you like to meet new business partners? You can find all of them in 8th OIC Halal Expo 2021

8th OIC Halal Expo 2021 is going to be held at   Istanbul Congress Center, Istanbul/Turkey

World’s Largest Halal Expo, 8th OIC Halal Expo!

By visiting 8th OIC Halal Expo 2021, You;

  • Will Meet Halal Certified Food & Beverages Companies
  • Will Meet Islamic Hotels, Villa, and Tourism Companies
  • Will closely examine Islamic Finance Companies
  • Will closely examine Islamic Textile & Modest Fashion Brands
  • Will Be Informed By Attending Panels Related to Food, Tourism, Finance, and Textile
  • Will Get Opportunity to Create Networks and to Meet Local And International Companies in Halal Sector
  • Can Get Detail Information Tour Corporations
  • Will Have A Unique Chance to Build Networks With Halal-Sector Companies That Provide Franchise
  • Can Find New Business Partners And Increase Cooperation With Present Partners
  • Will Have an Opportunity to Get More Offer From Companies And to Compare Them.
  • Will Have Information on Halal Life Style And Halal Products And Services
  • GWill Get Opportunity to Have Necessary Materials, Catalogues, And Contracts For Future Business Activities.

You Will Find More Than Ordinary Stands at 8th OIC Halal Expo 2021!

A good exhibition offers more than a full exhibition area. It must help participants improve their industrial knowledge and provide all means that big, medium-size, and small corporations need in face to face negotiations.